About Me

Hello! I'm so flattered that you want to know a little about me :)

My twitter bio forced me to keep it short and sweet:  Officially I'm a wife, mother and nurse :) Otherwise I just love to create, explore and live this crazy thing called life. I should also add that I’m from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area....home of the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates, chipped ham, Iron City Beer, a whole lot of bridges, Andy Warhol and Heinz ketchup to name a few of our claims to fame ;)

I'm married to the man that "gets" me. Sometimes that's get on each others nerves, get each others jokes or get each others back :)  We have one amazing little boy who keeps us busy with pretty much anything he can dream up. We also have one big, furry baby, who also keeps us busy, and vacuuming way too much!

Crafting, creating or DIY projects are my escape from the worries of the world. It's my "me" time. It's my chance to make something useful, decorative or just because :) I love to use old jewelry pieces, paper, buttons, fabric and make them new again. My "boys" encourage my creativity and sometimes even jump in to play.

When we get the chance, we love to be outdoors, travel and explore. We've stayed fairly local lately,  but when we do get out of town we try to find the "local" haunts as opposed to the more touristy places, but sometimes they have their draw too.

I started my blog in January of 2014 and am hopeful that the projects, recipes and activities I share will give you some ideas when an "escape" is needed. Alternatively, if you're looking to share your product or business, I'd love to help by providing a review and a giveaway for my readers would be great too.

If you made it this far I thank you :)

Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below or email me at: simpletreasures2u(at)gmail(dot)com. I really would love to hear from you!



  1. Hi Terri,

    I wanted to know if you would be interested in my writing a post for your blog as well and maybe you writing one for my blog? I have an art blog for kids and I see that you do lots of crafts on your blog so it may be a good fit. My blog is wwweduart4kids.com

    1. Faigie,
      You have some greatbideas on your blog :) Email me at simpletreasures2u(at)gmail(dot)com