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Buying Eyeglasses Online - Zenni Optical Review

Have you considered buying eyeglasses online? Have you heard of Zenni Optical? Well, about a year ago someone at work told me about Zenni Optical. At the time I had just shelled out about $200 for glasses. Funny thing is, I had vision insurance! That basically covered my eye exam. The optician said that for my 1/2 rim glasses it was recommended that I upgrade the lenses, which of course wasn't covered by insurance.  My glasses purchase was for some of the least expensive frames too. What are you going to do? You gotta see, right?!

Buying glasses online was an option. I wasn't sold on the idea. I checked it out. They had loads of information on the site, and I decided I'd give them a try when I needed a new pair.
**This is not a paid post, but does contain affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Now that I've got 40+ year old eyes, vision exams are strongly recommended every year. My eyeglass prescription had been the same for years, but I'm proving those recommendations true, unfortunately. My vision has changed, slightly, each year for the past 3 years :( This is unsettling to me for 2 reasons.
#1 If my eyes are getting older, I might be too, but just slightly LOL!
#2 New glasses....every year....UGH....that's going to get expensive!

Ok, I should point out that I'm a teeny tiny bit of a procrastinator. In December I realized that I had 30 days to spend what was left of my flex spending account, or lose it. Now there's a motivator! 

That's when I remembered Zenni Optical. I went to their website, and decided I could definitely spend my money more wisely there. I still had to have an eye exam, but I almost did a little happy dance when I told them that I wasn't purchasing new glasses there. I was actually getting THREE pairs at Zenni and still spending less!! Yes, you read that right. THREE pairs of single vision lens eyeglasses, and I paid $87.60! (Bifocal lenses are also available.) My purchase included 2 pairs of prescription glasses and 1 pair of prescription sunglasses for $87.60, each in a protective case with a cleaning cloth, including shipping! Enjoy 15% off's Valentine's Day Collection with code LOVE143! *Restrictions apply. Ends 2/15/15. Shop now!

Was it really that easy? Would the glasses hold up? Would they look cheap and flimsy? Would I be wishing I wasn't trying to be such a cheapskate, thrifty bargain hunter wise spender? Time would tell. About 2 weeks time, in fact.

An email told me my glasses were delivered. I looked on the back porch....nothing. Maybe they put it on the front porch....nothing. Obviously they weren't delivered. They couldn't possibly fit a package with 3 pairs of glasses in the mailbox, right? Wrong. They did. It was a padded envelope. That couldn't be good, right? Wrong again. They were just fine!

Now to see the glasses.....DUNT DUNT DUNNNN........

They were all in one piece....yep.
They were the ones I ordered....uh huh.
They were cute....yessiree bob.
They fit my face....sure do. (I did have to warm up and bend the ear pieces of one pair to make them fit, but that's no biggy. They have to do that at the eye dr's too.)
I saved over $100 and now have 3 pairs of glasses with the right prescription....CHECK YEAH!!

As for quality I am very pleased and think they will hold up well. The prescription is correct (I got it checked at the eye dr.). One of the pairs I ordered was a pair for $6.95, as a backup pair. They're a little stiff and I had to play with the stems a bit to get them to fit just right. I got them in a red/black frame, which I wouldn't wear everyday, and thought they'd be a nice change occasionally. I had also considered blue or purple just to have some "fun" colored frames, but the red won out. The other 2 pairs seem sturdier and certainly comparable to glasses that I'd buy in a brick and mortar store. The wait time was about 2 weeks, which is the same as if I'd ordered them from the eye dr.

I am now a member of the #justgotmyzennis club :)

I guess you might want to know more about Zenni and not just my online escapades, right? Alrighty then, here's what you'll need:

  • a current prescription
  • measurements from your current glasses are helpful (they have a detailed explanation, with pics, to show you how to measure on their website)
  • a credit card, PayPal or Amazon payment account
  • and (optional) a photo to upload so you can "try" on the glasses

Zenni has over 2,000 frame styles to choose from and a great search feature that let's you narrow your selections down easily. Prices range from $5.95 to $45.95 for frames in all shapes, colors and materials that you could want.  They have both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, as well as sports glasses and kid's frames too. You can also make any frames sunglasses by adding a tint. I used 90% gray for mine and am very happy with the results. Each pair of glasses included a cleaning cloth, and came in a hard plastic, hinged case. 

Go check 'em out HERE! I think you'll join the club too!

Have you purchased eyeglasses online? Were you satisfied with the outcome? Did you save money and some hassle? Please share your experience in the comments below?

Happy Vision At A Great Price Day! 

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  1. You always have interesting posts and escapades. This is a winner.

    1. Aww, thank you :) I hope you check out their glasses. I think you'll like them too.

  2. I never thought about purchasing glasses online before. I have over 40 eyes too! Thanks for linking to the This is How We Roll Link Party. See you on Thursday!

    1. Thank you for coming by :) I'm so glad I tried it. It's a great idea and was so easy.