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5 DIY Toy Storage Ideas

My son tries, sometimes, to keep his play room from looking like something exploded in there :) I admit that I usually look in and just don't know where to begin. I put it off. We tell him he can't get out another toy without putting the last one away. We do the "turn on some music and clean it up in 10 minutes thing." We go into frenzy mode when I can't take it anymore, and my son chooses which toys will be donated.

What does your kid's play area look like? Is there a way to control the clutter? Even if cleaning up afterwards means there is still an unsightly mess?!

Well guess what? Apparently there is!!
 I was ecstatic when I received this guest post!! These ideas are easy to put into use, fairly inexpensive, and so much cuter than a hulking toy box. (You know the toy box that kids fall into just searching for that tiny toy that's at the very bottom?! Or better yet can't find it, but know it's in there and must empty the entire contents, and then produce the smallest, most bizarre, missing toy part, that was indeed in there. Then, of course, there's the mess on the floor which now has to be cleaned up. Who's going to do that?!)

Uh, yeah, obviously we are in need of some toy storage ideas and so on to the post :)
I received no monetary or product compensation for this post....just some good ideas and a blog post :)

Free up space and avoid clutter in kids’ rooms by increasing the amount of toy storage available. More storage allows kids to be better organized with their personal belongings and creates a more functional area for them to play and grow. Avoid toy takeover and reclaim space with these innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) storage ideas.

Mounted Boxes 

 Make use of vertical space by mounting wooden boxes to the walls. This storage solution is ideal for kids’ bedrooms lacking floor area. Opt for light-weight boxes and attach using hooks or wall mounts. Choose bright colors and fun designs to complement the current décor of the room. Before mounting, consider installing wall boxes at the appropriate height to suit the children’s reaches.

Floor Baskets 

Add baskets to the bedroom floor for a simple and quick solution to store all kinds of toys. Opt for light-weight, child-friendly styles without pointed edges. Alternatively, choose portable styles with handles and wheels. For an affordable and fun DIY option, cover plastic laundry baskets with durable printed fabric and secure at the bottom of the baskets using a staple gun.

Vintage Crates 

Soda crates with bottle dividers are ideal for sorting smaller toys such as building blocks, figurines and puzzle pieces. Find vintage crates at flea markets or purchase from a home décor retailer. Personalize by painting, adding decals or labels. Finish by fastening swivel wheels on the bottom to make them portable and easy to roll under the bed when playtime is done.

Bucket Ottoman 

Create an ottoman seat using a galvanized bucket, MDF board, fabric and foam. Sit the bucket on the MDF and trace a 1-inch outline around the rim to create a circular seat shape. Cut out the shape using a jigsaw, then use as a template to cut the foam. Stick the foam and MDF together using a spray adhesive and upholster with a durable, printed fabric. Pull the fabric taut over the foam side then fasten on the flip side using a staple gun. The ottoman doubles up as toy storage and seating for kids.

Hanging Bathroom Baskets 

Keep kids’ bathtub toys organized using kitchen-style hanging baskets. This is another great use of the vertical space in an area with limited storage. Choose a three-tiered basket in order to maximize the amount of storage available. Suspend from the ceiling using an eye-hook and screw anchors. Hanging baskets also double as storage for kids’ bathroom products such as bubble bath and loofahs.

If containing kids clutter is too challenging, consider a complete toy overhaul. Alternatively, look for a new home with a dedicated rumpus room just for kids or larger bedrooms for enhanced playing space.
(Author: Emily Creswick of Zillow)

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