Monday, June 23, 2014

Ribbon Topiary DIY

My niece graduated from high school this month and of course when her mom asked me to help with the table decor I was happy to jump in! Originally we scoured Pinterest for projects and couldn't find exactly what we wanted....tall centerpieces with a container to display cake pops that we could color coordinate to her school colors. In the end her mom decided against the cake pops in the topiary centerpieces, and placed them on the food table instead. These topiaries don't really need another purpose though. They stand on there own quite well ;)
I'm always looking for the best deals, and if you read my post on budget crafting, you know I had some thrifty ideas :) She ordered all of the ribbon, tulle, and the adorable tassels at These topiaries were easy to make once we got our supplies together and figured out an orderly placement on the styromfoam balls. (I should have gotten a photo of our first attempts....we had ribbons every which way and were ready to pull our hair out!!) These topiaries were a little time consuming, especially the first one ;) but our trial and error will help you avoid all that mess!! One thing you definitely want to do is cut your ribbon strips first. We didn't consider the amount of time that would take...ugh!

Supplies Needed:

  • styrofoam balls
  • wooden dowels
  • ribbon, cut into 3 1/2" strips (various widths and materials...grosgrain, stiff fabric or lace works best)
  • scissors
  • straight pins (if you can find a bulk pack get're going to need A LOT!)
  • tulle, cut into 4" squares
  • base container for the topiary to stand in
  • green floral foam bricks or styrofoam to hold the topiary in place (dollar store)
  • rocks or marbles to cover/hold the foam down (dollar store)
  • paper shreds 
  • feathers (optional) I knew they'd look perfect tucked in with the tulle, and papermart had them in black and red, but I was overruled :( 

Putting It Together:

  • Start out with a single row of matching width ribbon all the way around your ball and leave a little space at the bottom where your dowel will go.
  •  A couple little hints: we found it easier to insert the dowel after the initial row was complete. It made it much easier to work with since balls tend to roll...everywhere!! Use 2 pins for your wide ribbon rolls, one on each end, so they'll sit flat. 
  • Place a row of 2 thin ribbons or 1 medium width ribbon on each side of the initial "curlers" row. (Remember how people used to set their hair before curling irons lol?) You can see this in the photos below. 
  • The next row will be your wide ribbon, turned sideways.
  • Followed by another row of  thin/medium ribbons. Continue in this fashion until it's all covered.
  • Don't worry if there are some areas where you can see the styrofoam because when all your ribbons are in place you can tuck a tulle square in there to fill it up.
  • If you're really ambitious you can paint the dowels or cover them with some ribbon. They'd even look great with some ribbon tails hanging from the bottom of the ball. We, ahem, decided they didn't need that ;)
  • Assemble your lovely centerpieces now :) Using hot glue, secure the dowels in the the bottom of your beautifully bedecked balls and a little more glue to hold them in your floral or styrofoam brick. Top with some stones or marbles and then put some paper shreds on top.
  • Put a little hot glue around the edge of your container to hold your tassels in place.

Voila......IT'S PARTY TIME!! You've outdone yourself!! Your guest of honor will surely want to keep one of these as a remembrance of this wonderful party :)

This is not a sponsored post. I received no monetary or product compensation. Just sharing :)

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  1. WOW! They are gorgeous! I might try my hand at a Union Jack version for this side of the pond. Beautiful crafting as always Terri. x

    1. Thanks and be sure to share if you make one. I think a Union Jack would work perfectly for this! July is the Union Jack's "birthday" right?