Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Post: Ladybug Crafts for Kids

These ladybug crafts are from a self-professed, non-crafty mum from across the pond, and this week we're trading posts....YAY! Kerry is new to hosting her own blog, but is no stranger to writing, having contributed to Yahoo! and eHow among others. Be sure to check out her blog. She's sure to make you smile. Now I'll stop gushing and we can get to the guest post and these cute ladybugs.

My daughter, like any self-respecting toddler, has a thing for bugs. Big bugs, small bugs, bugs with six legs, bugs with wings and so on.
I don’t like bugs.
A Stag beetle sighting is enough to send me squealing across the garden. A run in with a house spider can require a full days bed rest! I am, in short, not a fan of creepy crawlies. But like any mother, I’m keen to share in my daughters interests… even if it means investing in a pair of garden gloves fit to handle a small nuclear device.
Thankfully, upon hearing of my woes, my online savvy sister pointed me in the direction of Pinterest, which provided me with a freak out-free alternative to handling small insects. Bug crafts! Now these I could work with. Admittedly my crafting skills are of what one might call a ‘junior’ level, but my enthusiasm was sky high.
Dressed in bright red and sporting oh-so-fashionable polka dots, the Ladybug is by far my daughters favourite. It’s also rather common here in Norfolk, with dozens of species nibbling on pesky aphid populations across the county. We even had a miniature plague in the summer of 2009, when millions of these gaudy little bugs invaded our small coastal corner of the United Kingdom. (
So, here for your consideration are two of my favourite ladybug crafts, hope you enjoy them!

Paper plate Ladybugs
You’ll need:
  • Paper plates
  • Red, black and yellow paint, plus brushes and a cup of water
  • Assorted black buttons
  • Kids-friendly glue

  1. Start by painting your paper plates red and leave them to dry. 
  2. Next, paint a black line down the centre of the plate and then a small semi-circle at one end. 
  3. For the spots you can use a mixture of black buttons stuck on with glue, a cork dipped in black paint or even the thumb of an enthusiastic toddler. 
  4. Once the black paint has dried splodge on two yellow dots for eyes and you’re good to go!
Egg box Ladybug family
You’ll need:
  • One egg carton per bug family
  • Red and black paint, plus brushes and a cup of water
  • Googly eyes (at least six)
  • At least six pipe cleaners
First cut your egg box (or carton – check out my international knowledge!) in half. Set aside the lid.

Baby bugs:
  1. Cut out each individual cup and round the bottoms off nicely so that they stand up. 
  2. Paint the cups red and leave to dry. 
  3. Next, paint a small area of each cup black to make a ‘face’ and let your kids use their fingers to create the spots. 
  4. While the paint is drying cut two pipe cleaners in half to make the baby bugs legs. 
  5. Once your baby bugs are dry punch two small holes on either side – I used the end of my scissors for this but a single hole puncher would probably do the job nicely. 
  6. Thread each pipe cleaner through two of the holes diagonally (they should create a cross in the middle which helps stabilise your bug). 
  7. Finally add two google eyes and your baby bugs are done!

Mummy bug
  1. Paint your egg box lid red.
  2. Once its dry paint a line down the centre of the box length-ways and a small black face at one of the shorter ends. 
  3. Utilise your child’s finger to provide some fabulous black spots and leave to dry. 
  4. To make the legs cut three 6 inch lengths of pipe cleaner and then punch three small holes an equal distance apart down each long side of your bug. 
  5. Thread each pipe cleaner through two holes from one side to the other and turn up the ends to create ‘feet’. 
  6. Punch another two holes above the lady bugs face, thread a small piece of pipe cleaner through and give each one a flamboyant little curl to form the antennae. 
  7. Finally stick on a pair of googly eyes and you’re done!
Told you they were simple. Hope you and the kiddies had fun!
P.S. I’m sure the more astute amongst you are wondering where daddy Ladybug is… for the purposes of this craft I have informed my daughter that he is off watching some sort of bugs v butterflies footy match. She’s ok with that, I hope you are too!

Kerry Brind is a ‘definitely out-of-her depth’ mum from Norfolk in the UK. 
She is the proud owner of two kids, two dogs, one pony, a goldfish and an overly dramatic apple tree. She has very happy hair. You can read her views on life with little people at her blog: That Norfolk Mum. (


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    1. They are cute aren't they? Kerry and her little one did a great job! I love that little apron too :)

    2. Thanks Jayashree. I'm not a natural crafter (too impatient) but I thought they turned out pretty well!

  2. Such a great idea to do with the little ones! Thanks for sharing at My Favorite Things Party. Theresa @DearCreatives

    1. Thanks for having us :) I think they are just adorable and make me think spring might actually come!

    2. Thanks Theresa! I'm hoping Terri will let me bombard her readers with more Brit-craft ideas soon, so watch this space, there could very be more! @Terri hint, hint ;-)

    3. I think that sounds like a great idea Kerry :)