Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft - Pencil Toppers

These leprechaun pencil toppers were a fun craft for my son and I to make for his classmates. I'll show you how we did it step by step. You can make these with just about any paper that you have on hand. I love #punchart and coming up with something new from simple shapes. The paper punches make it easier, but you could easily draw, trace and hand cut the shapes needed.

Colored paper in solid colors (we used green, orange, brown, yellow, off white and blue)
Patterned paper, optional (we used green plaids)
Craft glue
1" Circle Punch
Scalloped Oval Punch  or round punch (can use scallop scissors)
Small heart punch
Pipe cleaners
Black pen or marker
Pink or red ink pad, marker, crayon or paint
Pencil, with intact eraser :)
Crop-A-Dile or small round hand punch
Googly eyes (optional)
Craft Knife (optional)
St Patty's Pencil, for putting your topper on

Assembling your leprechaun:
For each pencil topper you'll be using: one 1" circle, 2 small scalloped ovals, 1 small heart, 2 small and 2 extra small circles (or 2 googly eyes), 1"x 1 1/2" piece of paper, 3/8" strip of paper, 1/2" x 1/2" square of paper, 1/2 of a 12" pipe cleaner, pencil

1.  Cut your scalloped oval in half and use circle punch to remove space to attach his face.
2.  Cut heart in half. Attach to sides of face for ears.
3.  Using Crop-A-Dile punch 2 different sized small circles for eyes. We used white for the larger and blue or green for the smaller. Assemble two sizes of circles for eyes, using black marker draw in pupils, and glue to face. (You can use googly eyes here to make things MUCH easier)
4.  Use eraser end of pencil, dab into ink pad and make his cheeks.
5.  Draw in a small slash for his nose and draw on his mouth.
6.  Using 1 x 1 1/2" piece of paper, cutting rectangle from each side, to make his hat.
7.  Cut 3/8" strip of paper for hat band and attach.
8.  Using craft or xacto knife, cut 1/2" square of paper for the hat buckle.
9.  Using 6" pipe cleaner (we cut ours in half), glue to back of leprechaun and place 2nd scalloped oval on top to hide all your handiwork on the back ;)
10. Twist pipe cleaner around pencil leaving your leprechaun a little wiggle room at the pencil end of the eraser. Keep in mind that the pipe cleaner ends can be sharp so be sure to tuck or pinch it in to avoid injuries.

These little leprechauns turned out really cute and my son is so excited to share them with his class :)

*This is not a paid or sponsored post. I am sharing with you the products that I use, like and work for this project.

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