Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Skin Cream With Essential Oils

You've heard the term "winter itch" right? I think it's in a commercial. My darling hubby says it a lot and I laugh every time he does. I'm pretty sure winter itch is not a real condition. I think it's just called dry skin, right ?!?! 

I get it though. It's winter and his skin is itchy. Uh, I think it's itchy because it's dry. I go into explaining that with the heat being on there isn't as much moisture in the air, he works outside much of the day and the cold air takes it's toll. I tell him he needs to also be drinking more water. (Gee, I sound like a naggy, know-it-all, but what can you do?) He says "I know all that but I have winter itch."  Yeah, we go round and round with this one :)

I searched for the perfect "winter itch" remedy, and have found it. This lotion is awesome! I tweaked the original recipe from Patchwork Times, and added some essential oils and just love how well it works.



  • 16 oz. baby lotion, scent of your choice or unscented
  • 7.5 oz. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with cocoa butter
  • 4 oz. Vitamin E Cream
  • 10 drops tea tree oil
  • 10 drops lavender oil

Steps to cure your "winter itch" :)

  1. Combine the baby lotion, Vaseline and vitamin E cream (can be found at dollar general). It's going to look kind of clumpy and not very smooth at first. Keep mixing until it's nice and creamy.
  2. Add tea tree and lavender essential oils, mixing well to combine.
  3. Put the cream into containers.
  4. Slather some cream on your hands, feet, etc. and enjoy your soft winter skin :)

You can use any essential oils or combination that you prefer. I started with just tea tree oil because of the many benefits including having antimicrobial properties. It smelled very medicinal so I added the lavender, which has calming effects both mentally and for the skin. This combination has a pleasing, clean, and not at all flowery scent, so even my husband will use it.  

I took some in for my coworkers and they loved it.  As healthcare professionals we do A LOT of handwashing and are provided with antibacterial/antimicrobial soaps that are really harsh. By this time each winter my hands are red, dry, cracked and pretty sensitive, but not now :)  They are so soft.  The cream goes on less wet than the original recipe I found. It soaks in, and the Vaseline helps to form a moisture barrier against all that hand washing.

I ordered my oils from Plant Therapy and they sell therapeutic grade oils which are what you want to look for when you're shopping for essential oils. Check out their site for a lot of information re: essential oils and some great natural cleaning recipes and tips. I originally bought the "Spring Cleaning Set" last year and used some of their recipes with success.

You can find small bottles at the dollar store to put your cream in. At my local store they came in a package of 3 bottles for $1. You could also reuse old lotion bottles.  The easiest way to fill the bottles is to put the cream in a baggy, snip off a corner, and fill the bottle.

What are your favorite essential oils? Do you have a favorite use for them? I've been using them more, but am still learning and would love to hear your thoughts.

Good luck in curing your #winteritch or even just your dry skin issues :)
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  1. I remember when I saw this on the Patchwork Times blog it sounded like something worth trying. Of course, never got it made and forgot about it. Nice to know it does work well, maybe I can remember to get the stuff together and try it myself!

    1. You really should. It makes about 10 of the small bottles....perfect for sharing or keeping in every room of the house :)