Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another Blog To Follow?!?! Yes indeed :)

So my goal for the new year was to start a blog. Yay it is! (Uh, no I don't have other goals or resolutions. I have a mental list of things I'd like to also do, but "goal" seems so lofty and adds too much pressure LOL!) If you've been a Facebook follower you know I'm a crafty, vintagey, food loving deal finder who loves to get my son involved in my endeavors. We just kind of go with the flow. I have ideas for this blog and hope that you'll find something of interest here. I'll be learning this whole blogging thing as I go and would appreciate your patience and comments (please be kind) along the way. You can find me on Facebook here

I look forward to sharing craft ideas, recipes and other goodies that I come across with at least a weekly post. In case you're wondering this counts as this week's post :) I needed to meet this goal first! If we're lucky, I hope to have pics and a little nicer page setup next week. I might even get some buttons to link to facebook and such. In the meantime, just click on the website links  to see what I'm up to. I should also warn you in advance that I am an over user of exclamation points, smiley faces and run on sentences since I tend to do that in real life, and am easily amused by my own sense of humor (also true in real life) but am pretty sure this is going to be fun!

Thank you for checking in and I hope you will come back.


  1. Happy New Year!!!!! :):):):) cannot wait for your second post!

  2. Looks like fun. We are going to hold you to at least a second post, letting us know what kind of cool creative stuff you find, and what creative things you are getting your son involved in.

    1. Thank you :) I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Good luck with it an ill be waiting to see your crafts